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Bow Guglet

A very rare porcelain Guglet featuring, on one side of the bottle, the desirable “Two Quails Pattern”, in enamels with gilt highlights: a variant of the Japanese Kakiemon style in colours and manner. On the other side are sprays of Flowers and Grasses growing upon rocks and buzzing with insects, also with honey gilt highlights.

More insects and small flower clumps are interspersed in the free spaces undoubtedly to distract from the imperfections in the porcelain.

The neck is delineated with two bands of twining orange-red and gilt foliage. Between them are flowers and leaf sprays.

These colours and this pattern, adopted and then adapted from highly prized, expensive, Japanese imports were eagerly sought.

The rim above the guggle bubble has been ground down, probably to ensure an even flow of water after damage to part of the rim.

The remains of a third band of foliage are just visible. The potting, the creamy white glaze and the Guglet form indicate this as being from the Bow factory in London and can be dated to 1755 – 1765. This was top of the line for Bow.

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